Jun. 10th, 2012

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I've been tinkering around with the Skyrim Creation Kit over the last few days, expanding on three wonderful mods other people have posted with a bit of dialog and custom logic.

As far as I am concerned, this fixes all the most important, completely game breaking bugs in Skyrim.

It all started when someone posted a mod that finally lets you marry a Khajiit, ceremony at the temple of Mara and all. It seems some Khajiit have been living in the Nords' land long enough to pick up more of their traditions, which is perfectly reasonable within the world of the game.

Then someone else made a mod that added two Khajiit children, names taken from Morrowind, but they only stood around in Honorhall orphanage, they were wearing the most awful choice of clothes, and they were not included in the adoption mod that yet another modder made.

So I decided to bring it all together. The outcome is that I now have a family of cats walking around in Breezehome. It probably only works in my game, but I am still happy with the outcome.

The other Khajiit walking around in the screenshot is called S'Baad. We have adopted him and his sister Kiseena. The two bring us no end of joy but also keep us quite busy. It seems like they always want to run around and play.

With a lot of tinkering, I made them all find their beds at night, and eat breakfast and dinner at the right time. I'm still struggling with Do'Zah's day job of running a store (which I don't really want in my living room), and with letting the kids run around in Whiterun during the day.

Kiseena likes to keep a diary. Getting the player's name into the text took me several hours, longer than ghostwriting the diary in the first place. It turns out you need to add the book to a quest as a pre-defined reference to be able to use the "<Alias=Player>" tag. So now Kiseena keeps losing her diary and I get to find it and bring it back to her. Too bad it can always be found in the same spot, because I do not know yet how to place it at a random spot.

Now what I wouldn't give to have the original voice actors from the game. I wouldn't need more than a day with each, and this would be so cool.


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