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I turned 40 yesterday.

It was a great day.

My kittycat stayed home from work to be with me, and bake a chocolate-with-nuts-and-more-chocolate cake of doom. In the evening, Riffuchs visited us, and we had a wonderfully relaxing evening with tasty food and fun.

We had some small really weird mishaps, for example a freshly bought can of tomatoes that chose to explode upon opening. Or the realization that you should not put 3 TB hard drives in older USB encasings, because they will have 32 bit controllers and thus corrupt your data when Windows decides to write past the 2 TB mark. I blame Windows for happily mounting a disk that reports a total size of 748 GB with a 2.7 TB partition on it. Linux correctly refuses to do anything with such a disk, thus protecting your data. Thankfully, nothing important was lost or damaged in either incident.

For my birthday, Tabalon gave me a copy of Ubisoft's RockSmith. Think guitar hero, except you play on a real guitar and a real bass. The game comes with a USB audio interface that plugs into your instrument and it simulates the amp and settings originally used by each band. The game adapts the difficulty of the song to your playing skill, mostly by leaving out notes. It's fun, even if you are completely new to playing string instruments. My only complaint is the rather high latency of the USB interface which is slightly annoying, even with the lowest latency setting I cannot get it to below 20 ms. They should really just support ASIO and let me use my own audio equipment.

And then, late into the night, a whole country granted another one of my wishes by making the right choice. Thank you all. That was the best birthday present.

Now I am looking forward to two weekends of celebration with friends and family in the near future. I'm not done partying yet.


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